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October 24, 2013

New Poster: Short Stories by Edgar Allan Poe


We are excited to inform you that we now have a brand new poster available! Jump-start your heart with the distinctly horrific enchantment of our Edgar Allan Poe art print.

Short Stories by Edgar Allan Poe (24x36''  -  61x91.4cm)

24-x-36-Vert---Short-Stories-by-EA-Poe---New-Logo---SD - DS

This Short Stories by Edgar Allan Poe poster is created using seven short stories.   

All these stories by Edgar Allan Poe tell a different tale but follow in a strikingly similar vein of thought. Seven stories are recounted and the reader is transported from one world to the next with themes of revenge, mystery, murder, torture, and insanity. No one is immune to the adroit power of this incredible author. By the end of these seven tales the reader emerges wide-eyed and terrified yet with an overwhelming thirst for more. The razor sharp wit of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories is used in this art print to carve out a disturbing and haunting image. Amongst mortar and brick, the symbols of Poe’s horrific tales emerge from the gloom to capture your attention with their un-earthly visage. This art print reveals a heart whose veins and arteries reach out like tentacles to claim the souls of two twin-like figures as they stare at one another though their ghostly masks. Against the impenetrable brick a pendulum hovers mid-arc, as if to tell a tale of torture and suffering. Meanwhile, near the bottom, words swirl and combine to reveal a single cat eye, staring at the viewer with intensity and hate. Finally, this poster illustrates an opened letter – whose unintelligible words cause the viewer to marvel at this mysterious and strange world of fantastical images. With the cunning ability of a true master, Edgar Allan Poe stops each reader in their tracks with his heart-pounding rhetoric. This poster embodies this ability by masterfully bringing to life the dark and cryptic world of this brilliant sorcerer of horror.

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