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November 05, 2013

2013 Book Lover's Christmas Gift List

The holiday season is just around the corner and that happy time of the year is near…it’s gift shopping time! It seems that book lovers always like to say they are the easiest to shop for; after all, all you have to buy them are books, right? But what do you do for the bookworm who has everything? (Those lucky few who already own so many books you haven’t a clue which one to get them next; or the bibliophile who is secretly hoping for something a little more creative than more books). Have no fear! The era of throwing books their way and hoping something will stick is past; our 2013 Book Lover’s Christmas Gift List should give you plenty of inspiration for that avid reader you love and care about. 1. Book lovers love their books and that means they want to keep them in tip-top shape – which can be a problem when hauling books around in backpacks and bags. The Book Bungee solves that problem by keeping books safely closed AND it marks the page. Your favorite bookworm won’t know how they survived before they got their hands on this nifty item!   bunjee   2. For the bibliophile who prefers ebook readers, you can help them flaunt their device in a very fashionable way. Much like how a lot of us love decorating our cell phones with artistic covers, Gelaskins creates covers which do the same for ebook readers. Your beloved bookworm will be able to give their ebook reader some flair with an amazing variety of covers with stylish designs on them!  

gelaskins 3. It seems that drinking a hot beverage and burying yourself in a good book often go hand in hand – especially during the cold holiday season; which is why this Great First Lines of Literature Mug is a perfect addition to any book lover’s life. The best part? They can read those famous lines in their books and search for them on their awesome mug! first lines 4. Any book lover will tell you that even after they go paperless and rely solely on their Kindle or other ebook reader, they still miss the comfort of having a bookshelf full of books. Ideal Bookshelf is here to save the day with their nostalgic bookshelf prints. You can choose from a selection of themes or even have one custom made! If you find the Ideal Bookshelf a little pricey, consider the Bookshelf Decal which can be stuck to the wall and offer the same comfort of a real bookshelf but with a smaller price tag. Your bookish friend will love being able to put either of these up on their wall!

  ideal bookshelf decal   5. What about holding together a smaller collection of books? Bookends are an important item for any bibliophile and you’ll definitely want to find some which will look great on their shelf! These ornamental bookends are classy, colorful, and beautiful to look at. They’ll compliment any bookworm’s mantelpiece.   bookends 6. Continuing with the bookish decoration theme, I give you Folded Book Art! Your book-loving friend will enjoy putting this up as decoration in their living room. It is the perfect conversation starter and looks amazing when spread open.   book   7. Accessories are a must for any avid reader, and nothing is more of a necessity than a good lamp. After all, who wants to get out of the comfort of their bed to turn off the light once they finish that amazing novel? The bibliophile can take the light with them with the adorable Mighty Bright. It has a nifty light which can clip easily to hardcovers, softcovers, or even ebook readers – it’s a bookish gift which is bound to make any reader happy!  


  8. You probably know one or two book-lovers who would embrace the idea of being able to apply literature to fashion. Which is completely possible with these unique (and fashionable) book purses! Avid bookworms can take their love for literature to a whole new level by sporting the covers of their favorite books as cute clutches and purses. With these, they'll be ready to strut the literary catwalk any time of the day or night!

 book cover purse

9. An achy neck is every bookworm’s nightmare. There’s nothing worse than not being able to continue reading because your arm is simply too tired to hold up your book any longer – which is where the Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest comes into play. Don’t be deceived by its funky look, this item will save the day and make late-night reading effortless for any avid reader.


  10. Perhaps you have a bookish friend who takes reading a little too seriously, or you know a bookworm who likes to note down favorite quotes as they read along – if so, My Bibliofile Book Journal is the perfect addition to your bookish gift list. The passionate reader can easily file away thoughts and ideas in a fun and eye-catching notebook and no longer has to rely on logging into their computer to jot down those spur of the moment notes!

bibliofile :) Bonus: If you can’t find anything on this list you think a bookish friend would need, don’t despair, you can also check out our wide selection of art prints available at! And this year we're offering a special holiday product; our cool 2014 Literary Poster Calendar is guaranteed to make the bookishly-inclined smile. These bookish gift items use the original words of beloved authors, so you’re sure to find something for any bibliophile – no matter how picky!

  homepage-alice-in-wonderland-banner Hopefully, you find this list helpful. Happy shopping! :D