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November 26, 2013

Catching Up On "Catching Fire" and Most Popular Sentences in Top-Selling Series

catching fire

Yes, the second film installment of The Hunger Games series is finally here and it looks like fans are lining up to see how the Catching Fire movie stays true to the books while keeping audiences entertained on the big screen. Last year, I wrote a short blog about how accurate the first film was to its book, but mentioned that I somehow didn’t feel that a lot of the emotion and concepts from the novel were easily translatable into movie format.  

But I have high hopes this time around and I’m definitely excited to see if the “Catching Fire” movie picks up the pace a little bit and manages to bring alive the dystopian society and revolutionary themes of Suzanne Collins' fictional world. If you haven’t had a chance yet to see the film, or if you’re waiting for those crowds to die down before you hit the theatre, I have a fun article for you to read while you pass the time! The Telegraph has featured this article which reveals the most popular sentences from the three top selling children’s books series: Harry Potter, Twilight, and (of course) The Hunger Games.

Enjoy! And feel free to check in with your thoughts on the “Catching Fire” film – if you’ve seen it already, that is! :)