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November 27, 2013

Kick Off Your Holidays: Thanksgiving Literary Quiz and Inspired Bookish Recipes

foodandbooksFor all those residing in the USA,  tomorrow is a big day! Thanksgiving is upon us which means that it’s time to gobble till you wobble – or something along those lines. I didn’t want to fall behind this holiday season, so I’ve come up with some wonderful goodies for you to enjoy today as you prepare for Thanksgiving (or you can file them away to look at throughout the holiday season).

The Guardian has an entertaining Thanksgiving in Literature Quiz which, even with the passing years, is something that never loses its fun and quirky style. Give the quiz a go and submit your answers to get a score! It’s definitely a fun way to test your Thanksgiving-related literary knowledge.

Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas can also play a part in classic literature stories and books, and many of us bookworms have probably spent a considerable amount of time drooling over extremely evocative passages describing holiday spreads. So for those of you who have already started slaving away in the kitchen in preparation for tomorrow, I’ve come up with a few fun literary recipes for you to consider this holiday season:

1. Charles DickensThe Smoking Bishop : This drink is rich in spices and literary fun! You can break out that classic A Christmas Carol movie and get cozy with your Charles Dickens appropriate beverage.

2. Herman MelvilleClam Chowder: During the chilly holiday season soup items are always  great food options which work well to keep you warm. Get your Moby Dick nerd attack on with a good cuppa Melville inspired Clam Chowder!

3. Laura Ingalls Wilder - Molasses Cookies: The holidays mean the scrumptious deliciousness of baked goods is here! For me, this is the only time of the year where I say I don’t have to feel guilty about eating too many cookies – and old-fashioned Molasses Cookies are one great way to satisfy that sweet tooth and feel like you’ve fallen straight into Ingalls’ Little House on the Prairie.

4. Edgar Allan PoeDr. Tarr & Professor Fether’s Goat Cheese Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin pie is a must for Thanksgiving or Christmas and there are a couple interesting recipes out there to give this traditional dessert a twist. What more could you ask for than a recipe stimulated by one of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories?

It’s time to hit the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for your favorite literary-themed dish or drink. Be sure to weigh in with some of your personal preferences – we always love hearing what you have to say! Have a Happy Turkey Day! :)