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January 03, 2014

What's Your 2014 Resolution: Resolutions of Famous Figures

resolutions Happy 2014 to all reading enthusiasts! I hope you were able to see 2013 out without too much nostalgic reminiscing, and 2014 in with a big bang. But now that we’ve gotten a firm foot into the first month of the New Year, it’s time to make a few (gasp!) New Year’s Resolutions. Love ‘em, hate ‘em, keep ‘em, or forget about ‘em, resolutions are a big way to see in every New Year. And, believe it or not, pretty much everyone likes to jot down a resolution or two once the sparkling dawn of a brand new year makes its appearance on the horizon. Famous authors and public figures are no exception; so here are four famous figures and their fascinating resolutions: 1. Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels (which inspired our own nifty poster design for this novel) had a list of resolutions for when he grew old. Some of them included: -          Not to marry a young woman. -          Not to be peevish, or morose, or suspicious. And this gem: -          Not to be fond of children.   2. Literary icon Susan Sontag had an interesting list which included getting up by 8am and being sure to write every day.   3. Marylin Monroe may not have been recognized for her writing, but she was known to be an avid reader. Amongst other things, she resolved to: -          Try to enjoy myself when I can – I’ll be miserable enough as it is. And: -          Never miss actor’s studio sessions.   4. Last but not least, we have the wonderful Woody Guthrie whose claim to fame is his music lyrics. Apparently, he was a man who liked to keep it simple because his resolutions included: -          Don’t get lonesome. -          Stay glad. And my all time favorite: -          Dance better.   If you’d like to see these resolution lists in their entirety, you can check them out here. Maybe these interesting goals will help you come up with a few motivating ones of your own! Enjoy! :)