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January 07, 2014

Not-So-Old-Fashioned Reading: 10 Literary Blogs Which Should Graze Your Reading List

literaryLast year, I posted a blog featuring books to read in your 20s and began working away at the 65 books on the list. More than six months later, believe it or not, I’m still at it and even I am astonished by the level of commitment I’ve offered up to this list (as they say, don’t start something you won’t finish, right?). But, there are days where I’d like to take a break from literature and read something a bit more light-hearted without feeling too guilty – and I suspect you would too. 10 Literary Blogs Every 20-Something Should Read turned out to be the product of my quest to find good and interesting internet reading material. And funnily enough, this list actually also applies to this sort of “things to read in your 20s” concept but falls outside the realm of books and instead focuses on blogs. Not to worry though, "10 Literary Blogs Every 20-Something Should Read" doesn’t fall that far from the book-reading tree which means that it definitely qualifies as extremely useful reading! If you’re looking for a list of blogs which offer insightful book reviews, scathing commentary, and witty articles (among other things), then look no further. Believe me, whether you’re in your 20s or rapidly approaching 100, it doesn’t much matter; you’ll find at least one blog on this list which will snap up your attention! Happy reading! :)