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January 23, 2014

New Poster: Robinson Crusoe


We are excited to inform you that we now have a brand new poster available! Start the new year off by going on a fantastic adventure through our Robinson Crusoe art print. Robinson Crusoe (24x36''  -  61x91.4cm)

Robinson Crusoe posterThis Robinson Crusoe poster is created using the first 13 chapters of the book.

Daniel Defoe’s rousing novel tells the story of Robinson Crusoe who is shipwrecked alone on a foreign island. As the tale unfolds, Crusoe proves again and again his grit and determination to survive, yet he struggles to retain the purity and morality of his soul. Nature forever altered the course of his life, but it is Crusoe himself who takes his final destiny into his own hands. In the astonishing closing chapters, our resolute protagonist makes a series of choices which forever leaves him a man marked by the heart-wrenching occurrences on the Island of Despair. The words of Defoe’s most famous work, Robinson Crusoe, are molded here to craft a unique and fulfilling poster image. In this work of art, an extraordinarily beautiful moment is paused in time for all to admire; Crusoe stands thoughtfully gazing towards the magnificent sun as it gently kisses the horizon and casts its rays upon the vast and enormous ocean. We see Crusoe resting his rifle against the ground as if to symbolize the temporary succor from the trials which haunt him at every moment. In this artwork, the flourishing flora and fauna of Crusoe’s Island are the sole witnesses to this magnificent moment when Crusoe’s despair and loneliness briefly fall away as he gazes philosophically and musingly into the sun as if looking towards hope and a brighter tomorrow. Robinson Crusoe is a classic adventure story which continues to carry away its readers with its sweeping scope and vision. With striking breath and visualization, this artwork offers a sneak peak at a daring adventurer in a private moment as he watches his past, present, and future unite with the turning of the sun.

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