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February 22, 2014

New Poster: Cyrano de Bergerac


We are excited to inform you that we now have a brand new poster available! Celebrate the month of love through our Cyrano de Bergerac art print. Cyrano de Bergerac (24x36''  -  61x91.4cm)


This Cyrano de Bergerac poster is created using the entire text from the book.

Edmond Rostand’s work, Cyrano de Bergerac, follows the adventures of the bold and fearless Cyrano, a man whose most notable feature is his abnormally large nose. Believing himself too ugly to claim the hand of the beautiful Roxane, Cyrano uses his quick wit and passionate rhetoric to help the foolish but exceedingly handsome Christian woo Roxane instead. The final acts of this daring tale reveal Cyrano as a strong and kind-hearted man who is unwilling to break the spell of love between Roxane and Christian, even when he possesses the power to do so. The words of the magnetic Cyrano de Bergerac are used here to form a rich illustration which brings alive a unique and strange love story. Cyrano is shown here taking his talents to the page as he writes yet another soul-capturing love letter to his beloved Roxane. In the background, Roxane offers her lover Christian a kiss, believing that those fervent letters of the heart come from him. Cyrano’s ardent and lengthy page of prose enwraps the couple as a symbol of his words being the actual reason these two opposite souls are together. His back is turned and his focus is unwaveringly upon the page before him, absorbed within the ideal that although Roxane cannot love him, she can love his passionate writing. Although Roxane doesn’t know it to be him, in some small way Cyrano’s generous and breaking heart is revealed upon that tear-stained manuscript before his beloved’s eyes. With courageous aplomb, Cyrano de Bergerac weaves a story that is both humorous and heart-felt. Through this touching work of art, the fiery passions and beautiful sacrifices of true love are given life in an enigmatic way.

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