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April 28, 2014

Shakespeare in the Park In More Ways Than One

shakespeareShakespeare in the Park is probably most well-known in New York where a Shakespeare play is put on annually in Central Park and attendance is free. These are great events because they present Shakespeare’s work in a relaxed venue where you can bring your own picnic, drink wine, or take a stroll should you get bored with the ongoing play. But New York isn’t the only city which offers Shakespeare in the Park, so be sure to check if there’s anything similar near you so you can get in your dose of Shakespeare! Of course, Shakespeare in the Park need not solely apply to these types of events and if you’d like to have a different take on what Shakespeare in the Park is all about, look no further than artists Grant Snider. Enjoy Snider’s version of Shakespeare in the Park and check out his other great comics about reading and writing. And if you’re into all things Shakespeare related, be sure to take a look at our lovely Shakespeare poster collection featuring Romeo and Juliet and our newly released Hamlet art prints. Let us know what you think!