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May 26, 2014

Fun Facts About Edgar Rice Burroughs, Author of 'A Princess of Mars'

burroughs We’ve officially released our A Princess of Mars poster today and we’re not shy about saying how proud we are of it. This will be our first art print based off of one of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, but hopefully not our last (cough, cough, Tarzan anyone?). So in honor of this super awesome A Princess of Mars literary print, we thought you’d like to re-visit some interesting facts about the author himself! Burroughs was in the U.S. Army: This adventurous author graduated from military academy in 1895 and later joined General Custer’s old regiment, the Seventh United States Cavalry. I suspect it was his time in the army which inspired him to make John Carter, the main character in A Princess of Mars, an army man. What do you think? Tarzana, CA is directly related to Burroughs: In 1919, Burroughs bought a ranch outside of Los Angeles and named it after the character for which he is perhaps the most well-known: Tarzan. A community eventually grew around the ranch and the town decided to adopt the name Tarzana. You know you’ve made it as a writer when an entire town takes the name based on one of your creations! The John Carter series is considered extremely influential in the sci-fi world: That’s right, A Princess of Mars isn’t the only book featuring John Carter, there’s an entire series dedicated to him! Not only that, the series is considered the most widely influential sci-fi series ever created and its influence can be felt in everything from “Star Wars” to “Avatar”. The TV show “ER” has a character named after John Carter: The creator of the popular television drama “ER”, Michael Crichton, apparently loved the John Carter books so much as a boy that he thought he would carry it over into his adult life (who says you outgrow books?). One of the actors on the show, Noah Wyle, plays a character named John Carter – Crichton’s homage to the beloved stories he treasured as a child. There is a crater on Mars named after Burroughs: Okay, you really know you’ve made it as an author when you get an entire crater on Mars named after you. The Burroughs Crater has a diameter of 104 kilometers and is at latitude 72.5S / longitude 243.1W – just in case you’re ever on Mars someday and would like to go check it out. Now that you’ve acquired some fun facts about Edgar Rice Burroughs, take a minute to go look at our A Princess of Mars poster and tell us what you think! Hopefully you’ll be inspired to read a couple of Burroughs’ books (or re-read if you’re the avid fan). Enjoy! :)