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June 09, 2014

ERBzine Brings You 25 Rare Images of 'A Princess of Mars'

mars If our recent blog post full of fun facts about Edgar Rice Burroughs is any proof, we love Burroughs and his stellar sci-fi lit. Tarzan is usually the book series which people associate with this writer, but let's not forget that Burroughs also penned the exciting John Carter series -- or more familiarly, A Princess of Mars. We showed our appreciation last month for this particular work when we released our first literary art print based on a book by Edgar Rice Burroughs! Not only does this awesome A Princess of Mars poster use Burroughs' original words to create an image, but it is also our first ever poster to fully use color throughout! White bg - Princess of Mars And now, I come to you with a few more Edgar Rice Burroughs related goodies to make you smile. Back in 2012, ERBzine paid tribute to 100 years of John Carter by featuring 25 images, some of them quite rare, inspired by Burroughs' adventure series set on Mars. Be sure to start at the top of the ERBzine page and scroll down, you'll see incredible A Princess of Mars works of art,  some of which go in order according to the book. Be sure to give us your feedback and let us know your favorites -- if you can choose just one, that is! :)