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June 23, 2014

'The Fault in Our Stars': A Silver Screen Heavyweight

fault in our stars

The verdict is in on “The Fault in Our Stars” film (based on John Green’s bestselling novel of the same name) and I’m foreseeing an instant classic in this movie’s…can I say stars? So rarely does a movie carry an equally heavy impact as the novel upon which it is based, and it seems fair to argue that in some ways “The Fault in Our Stars” film was actually more of an emotional heavyweight than The Fault in Our Stars book. Why? Well, for starters, the film featured an excellent and completely believable lead cast in the forms of Shailene Woodley (who played Hazel Grace) and Ansel Elgort (who held his own in the role of Augustus Waters). But what perhaps sets Green’s tale apart as a whole from other teenage-aimed romances which have graced the literary world in recent years, is the inevitable tragedy of a story which, yes, does have a happy ending, but in a roundabout way most people wouldn’t expect. This catastrophic heartbreak translates so seamlessly well to the silver screen that it’s almost hard to believe it’s based on a novel and not an original screenplay. But before we go any further and continue lauding this wonderful work (both book and movie), we’d love to hear some of your own reviews. What did you think of the film adaptation? What would have made it better? What scenes from the novel did you miss out having in the movie? Let us know! And if you haven’t had a chance to read Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, what are you waiting for? This is one literary bandwagon you shouldn’t hesitate to hop on! :)