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by Postertext

This Slaughterhouse-Five poster is created using the entire text of the book.

The timeless words of Kurt Vonnegut’s massively successful satirical novel Slaughterhouse-Five take on new life in this stunning poster print. Depicted here is prisoner of war Billy Pilgrim, unintentionally protected in an underground meat locker as the cultural capital of Germany is firebombed to the ground by Allied Forces. The stirring scene, overlooked by the phalangeal extraterrestrials, Tralfamadorians, perfectly illustrates the novel’s reverberating main themes: the tragedy of war, the truth behind death, and the illusion of free will in the Vonnegut universe.

Slaughterhouse-Five—an impactful science fiction story that partially mirrors Vonnegut’s own experience in Dresden in the Second World War—along with this eye-catching art print deserve a place in the home of any fan of the written word.

TEXT COVERED: Entire text
AUTHOR: Kurt Vonnegut
Slaughterhouse-Five has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 6 reviews.

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