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About Us

Postertext Decorative Letter De are a small team of bibliophiles who love art and literature. Our art prints use only text to create stunning, elegant illustrations for fans of a book or author.
No lines. No edges. Just words.



Our staff are comprised of avid readers and passionate artists who all work together intimately to create the perfect intersection between art and literature.

We take pride in our ability to produce the most beautiful and accurate designs that capture the spirit of a story. Our goal for each and every one of our designs is to create an illustration that would make the original author proud. To accomplish this, we read every single book to completion before even attempting to brainstorm possible designs.

The result is as stunning as it is elegant.

Read your favorite lines of literature from up close, or watch the words coalesce into a beautiful artwork from farther away.

Since the launch of our store in July 7, 2010 Postertext has been featured on many media outlets such as,

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Besides the good things the media is saying, our customers love us!

Having just stumbled upon your website I must say that I am very much impressed with the thought, the accuracy and the design of your products. You provide rue bibliophiles with a wonderfully unique way to enjoy their favorite classics. 

– Nick Weinstock, United States

I love the simple beauty and originality of these posters. They fit anywhere someone might sit to enjoy their favorite book. From a child's room to the finest library. They're wonderful and would bring curious smiles to the young, old and anyone in between!

– Erin Duffield, United States

As voracious readers ourselves, we regularly add new titles to our collection, so be sure to check back every month for new additions to our range. If you don’t see your favorite book in our collection, please make a book request so we know which titles to design for!

Finally, I would like to extend a personal promise to you as the owner of this company. When you make a purchase at Postertext, I guarantee satisfaction in every facet of the business, from customer support to hassle-free returns and everything else in between.

So – what are you waiting for? View our collection