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Help us bring 'Harry Potter' to Postertext!

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter series? If you are, and would like to see our take of it in our special style, please submit a request for it by simply filling out your email address below. 

Your submission will help us obtain rights from the publisher (so we can design an art print for it). Plus, you will be notified once the poster is ready on our website!

Rest assured, your email address will be kept strictly confidential. We will under no circumstances send it to the publisher nor send you spam.

What will the Harry Potter poster look like? It will be made entirely out of text from the book of course! Here's an example of our popular Alice in Wonderland poster,



As a token of our thanks, use the discount code: URAWIZARDHARRY before 10/31/2014 to receive a 20% discount.

Help us bring the wonderful world of Harry Potter to Postertext!