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We're hiring artists!

Combine your love for art & literature!

At Postertext, we're always looking for talented freelance artists who have a passion for reading books.

We take great care in selecting artists who we think can adapt their extraordinary artistic talents to the unique challenges of our art projects. Every assigned project will be unique as each story and fictional world is unique, and you will be immersed in the fantastical realm as the original author intended. For this reason, there is no such thing as a boring or mundane project with us.

Benefits of working with us:
  • Always interesting projects with unique challenges each and every time
  • Work on types of books or themes that you are interested in
  • Work anywhere and whenever you want
  • Endless projects so you will never run out of work
The job:
  • Design a negative-space vector illustration for each book
  • Final file in vector format (AI or EPS)
  • Freelance, commission based projects
  • Pay by the project
  • 72 hours turn-around time for revisions
  • Have a passion for books and literature
  • Excellence in using negative-space to create minimalistic, elegant, and clever illustrations
  • Work samples of negative-space illustrations
Join our team of artists, and create stunning illustrations for equally extraordinary books! We are a fast-growing company who have rights to popular contemporary books so you may just find your work on display in book stores and libraries across the world.
    To apply: Send us your portfolio, resume, and hourly rates to our Managing Director at
    We look forward to seeing your work!

    Note: You will not be required to place text into the illustrations. We will do that for you.