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Postertext has been in business since 2010, and have been featured in many top media outlets such as, Wired Magazine, GQ, dwell, Uncrate, and many others.

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Using Our Brand Name

When referring to our company name, only capitalize the first letter (ie. 'P') and not the 't' in 'text'. 'Postertext' is also a single word and not two.

  • Correct usage: Postertext
  • Wrong usage: PosterText
  • Wrong usage: Poster Text


Brand Assets

  • Download our Postertext logo (stack | badge) - PNG or EPS           
  • Download our Postertext logo (stack)- PNG or EPS           Postertext Logo - stack
  • Download our Postertext logo (horizontal)- PNG or EPS           Postertext Logo - Horizontal


Brand Colors

  •   Primary - HEX: 3A3939 - R: 58 G: 57 B: 57  
  •   Secondary - HEX: D04F2D - R:208 G:79 B:45  
  •   Tertiary - HEX: E8B984 - R: 232 G: 185 B: 132  


Postertext Banners

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  • Example:           


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