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An exciting opportunity to sell bookish products that aren't books!

Our literary posters make perfect gifts for any bibliophile, bookworm, and book lover. Dedicated fans of a book or author can finally turn their favorite book into wall decor to be hung at home or in classrooms.



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  • Dedicated to creating stunning, elegant, and accurate designs


What differs us from our competitors?

At Postertext, every one of our staff have a love and passion for both art and literature.

We are different from our competitors in that we focus on providing the best aesthetic quality and accuracy to the story. We are also the only company among our competitors to make it a mission to read every single book that we have the honor of designing art prints for.

Our goal is to capture the spirit of a book, and to describe it visually in a way that would make the author proud. This means having a deep understanding for the story, themes, motifs, symbolism, mood and tone of the book -- which is only possible after reading the book from beginning to end.

Having such in-depth knowledge of each book and using focused design methodology allows us to create stunning designs that reflect what each book is truly about. After all, products like these cater to the most dedicated fans. We aim to get every detail right while striking a balance with the imaginative world of each story.


Most of all...

Wholesaling with us means that the products you carry from Postertext will always bring a smile to your customers.

If you are interested in carrying our products at your store or if you have any questions, please contact and our Managing Director - Peter Kao will write you back promptly.


Have a wonderful day today! ♥