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David Copperfield

by Postertext

David Copperfield poster is made entirely out of text from the book.

This David Copperfield poster shows the protagonist as a lone figure watching the cold, murky sea pummel the rocks underneath. Created by Charles Dickens as one of England's impoverished youth in the titular David Copperfield, David no longer looks the part of an urchin, his stance strong as he leans against his cane. Although he cuts an imposing figure – his waistcoat billowing in an unseen breeze – he is small compared to the craggy cliffs and the sea below. A powerful symbol of the transience of life, the ocean plays a prominent role in David Copperfield and is shown here with roaring vigor. The sky is banded with Dickens's text; his words roiling in the water below and curling up in a salty spray. Showcasing the book's moral binaries through a chiaroscuro of text, this poster brings thematic elements of David Copperfield to the fore through Charles Dickens's wry text.

As in David Copperfield, the sea is a mighty force, untouchable by man. Through this illustration, fans of Charles Dickens's work will find themselves drawn into the light and dark of David Copperfield's world.

TEXT COVERED: 11 chapters of the book
MATERIAL: Satin Paper
SIZE: 24x36" - 91.4x61cm (Landscape)
AUTHOR: Charles Dickens
David Copperfield has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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