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Five Short Stories from Mark Twain

by Postertext

Five Short Stories from Mark Twain poster is created using 5 of his short stories.

Using Mark Twain’s original rhetoric, a portrait is created here which fully embraces the jovial nature and gruff vigor of this paradigmatic master of words. This likeness reveals Twain’s familiar profile as he sits gazing out upon the Mississippi. In one hand he holds a stubby cigar to his lips – lost in thought – as he conjures up worlds, personalities, and episodic adventures to pen upon the page. His shocking silvery hair explodes beneath the pleasantly temperate Mississippi air as within his mind strange and comical lives are played out in a single, electrifying moment.

A familiar and much-loved literary figure, Mark Twain’s short stories display an eclectic dynamism adored by all. This bookish art piece presents a portrait of this roguish author which sizzles with a smashing burst of life.

TEXT COVERED: A Fable, Hunting The Deceitful Turkey, McWilliamses And The Burglar Alarm, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, The Stolen White Elephant
MATERIAL: Satin Paper
SIZE: 20x24" - 50.8x61cm (Portrait)
AUTHOR: Mark Twain

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