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Jane Eyre

by Postertext

This Jane Eyre poster is created using the first 12 chapters of the book.

Orphaned at an early age, Jane Eyre, the eponymous heroine of Charlotte Bronte's famous novel, struggles to find love and affection as a seemingly plain and unremarkable girl in a grim and uncaring world. With a desperate need for someone who will truly care for her and yet also a burning desire to live her life on her own terms, Jane's refusal to compromise on her personal values has gained the admiration of generations of readers.

This art print depicts Jane, after a series of hardships and tribulations, finally finding happiness in the arms of the indomitable Mr. Rochester. Using the text of the book to frame the image, the newly couple Jane and Rochester stare lovingly into each other's eyes.

This scene will instantly resonate with anyone who knows the book well, evoking as it does the one thing which Jane strives for throughout the book: simply to be loved, and to love in return.

TEXT COVERED: 12 chapters
SIZE: 20x24" - 50.8x61cm (Portrait)
AUTHOR: Charlotte Bronte
Jane Eyre has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 12 reviews.

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