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The Celestial Omnibus & The Road from Colonus

by Postertext

The Celestial Omnibus & The Road from Colonus poster is created using the entire text of the story.

The rhapsodic literary lines of Forster’s tales, The Celestial Omnibus and The Road from Colonus, come together here to create an imaginative yet dramatic image. From amongst the rolling clouds, an omnibus appears, pulled by spectral horses from another world. Beneath their thundering hooves, a Grecian countryside emerges upon which a mystical tree gives forth water. In this tantalizing work of art, the billowing clouds merge with the fluttering leaves and branches of the tree as the dream world and the real world collide in a fabulous gust of heavenly gale.

The Celestial Omnibus and The Road from Colonus are two tales which delight readers with their mixture of enchanting yet naturalistic worlds. With one foot planted firmly in each realm, this work of art bridges the gap between the two with an acrobatic and endearing charm.

TEXT COVERED: 2 stories
MATERIAL: Satin Paper
SIZE: 20x24" - 50.8x61cm (Portrait)
AUTHOR: E.M. Forster

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