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Treasure Island

by Postertext

This Treasure Island poster is created using the first 29 chapters of the book.

With Stevenson’s gripping original rhetoric, this art print portrays the darkness that accompanies the quest for fortune. In the distance, an island full of lush greenery and beautiful flora seems to float in a magical world of its own and calls out to the eager traveler – yearning to tell its tale of wealth and fame. Yet amongst the soft undulating waves of the ocean, a skull and a set of crossbones form, almost as a warning of the bloody and gruesome fate that await those who seek this island’s treasure.

Treasure Island is an exhilarating tale of action and adventure, and through this thrilling illustration you sail away to the gritty and grim world of the bygone buccaneers.

TEXT COVERED: 29 chapters
MATERIAL: Satin Paper
SIZE: 24x36" - 91.4x61cm (Landscape)
AUTHOR: Robert Louis Stevenson
Treasure Island has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 8 reviews.

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