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War and Peace

by Postertext

This War and Peace poster is created using the first 10 chapters of the book.

Our War and Peace poster depicts a sea of pikes, muskets and standards, clashing together in the tumultuous throng of battle as the ebb and flow of historical forces resolve themselves in the haphazard pandemonium of man-to-man melees on the field of war. Meanwhile, a flock of birds soar high above the bloody battlefield, unconcerned by the life or death struggles raging below.

Tolstoy’s magnum opus stands as an enduring landmark in the development of world literature, both for its grand vision and its penetrating insights into the nature of history and the human condition, which this poster captures in a single, arresting image.

TEXT COVERED: 10 chapters
SIZE: 24x36" - 91.4x61cm (Landscape)
AUTHOR: Leo Tolstoy
War and Peace has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 8 reviews.

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